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10 Ways Brides Self-Sabotage Their Wedding Dress Shopping

self-sabotaging wedding dress shopping behavoir

Brides-to-be, are you unknowingly self-sabotaging your search for the perfect wedding dress? Read below as we uncover the top 10 pitfalls that might be holding you back from saying 'yes' to the dress of your dreams!

1. Skipping the vision quest before getting started. Take some time to browse dress styles to see what's trending, what you might be interested in, and what would match the look and feel of your wedding.

2. Waiting too late to start shopping. The average timeline for a wedding dress is 6-9 months! If you're already behind, Bridal Closet may be able to help with our off-the-rack and rental options

3. Neglecting the budget. The average wedding dress costs $2-3k these days. If your dress budget is less than this, Bridal Closet's affordable rental options may be just the thing you need!

4. Overbooking appointments. Going to too many stores and trying on too many dresses will just lead to unnecessary confusion.

5. Forgetting to budget for alterations. Alterations are a normal part of buying a wedding dress. Wedding dresses rarely fit perfectly right off the rack. Alterations are not included in the cost of the dress!

6. Peer Pressure. Allowing others' opinions or too many opinions to overshadow your own can lead to a compromised decision.

7. Being Indecisive. Being too scared to commit will lead to overwhelm. Don't pressure yourself into thinking you need to pick a magical, life-changing, tear-inducing dress. Pick something that you love, feel good in, and look good in.

8. Ignoring body shape. Being too focused on a specific silhouette can lead to trying on dresses that aren't the best fit for your figure. Be open to trying on different styles and lean on your bridal stylist for guidance

9. Buying a dress online. What you think looks good in a picture might not look good on you. Also, most online stores steal pictures from high-end designers, but what you actually get is a cheap and flimsy knockoff that looks nothing like what they advertised.

10. Continuing to search after saying yes to the dress. Looking at more gowns after you've purchased your dress will only lead to buyers' remorse. Finding the dress is like finding your person. Once you say yes, you have to stop looking!

Leave a comment below if you've already experienced one of these pitfalls!

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